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Ashley hat ein Bild von ihrem Hund Maui getwittert.

Im sorry I couldnt get to all of you but Maui wanted to say hi. Thanks for all the support. I love you all!!http://twitpic.com/554gc6

Personal Pics

Interview with Bliss Magazine

Q: Hi Ashley! How’s it been in London so far?
It’s been really great!

Q: We LOVE Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure, and Sharpay actually is that extra bit fabulous and we see a whole different side to her. What do you reckon we learn?
Well I think that Sharpay definitely grows up and evolves in this movie. She’s not the same girl you once knew in the High School Musical movies which is really nice because I loved playing this character so to have a nice ending is awesome.

Q: You must be quite used to playing her now. Has her character rubbed off on you?
She hasn’t rubbed off on me but I feel like whenever I go to play her it’s very easy to jump back into that character and I feel like she’s definitely, each character that I play has a piece of me in it.

Q: Aw lovely sentiment! There’s a part in the film where Sharpay has to get on her hands and knees and scrubs a toilet. Yuk. That’s very different for her!
Oh yeah it’s completely different. I think that that whole montage was my favourite to do.

Q: It was hilarious! What chores and jobs do you hate doing at home?
Hmm…Probably laundry.


Neuer SFA Promo


6 neue Outtakes vom Derek Reed Shooting von 2006!

Wenn ihr die Bilder holt Credit uns bitte, den wir sind die einzigen die die Bilder Untagged haben!

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Starlight Children's Foundation Wish

Starlight Children's Foundation Wish

Party at Beso Restaurant in Hollywood

27.05 Party at Beso Restaurant in Hollywood

Outside at her parents' house in Toluca Lake

27.05 Outside at her parents' house in Toluca Lake

Signing session at El Corte Inglés Castellana in Madrid, Spain

23.05 Signing session at El Corte Inglés Castellana in Madrid, Spain

Ashley und Hellcats Cast at Beso


Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure Madrid Photocall

Hier ist der Madrid Photocall. Zu mehr bin ich jetzt nicht mehr gekommen. Melanie wird euch sicher die nächsten zwei Wochen alles posten, den ich darf dank meinen "tollen" Lehrern noch drei weitere Prüfungen machen.
Bis dann Sarah
23.05 Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure Madrid Photocall

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Neue Candids + Joey Terrill Shoot

Hier sind mal die neusten Candids und noch ein Teil vom Joey Terrill Shoot. Ich versuche heute noch die Pirates Of The Caribbean On Stranger Tides World Premiere, Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure Madrid Photocall und Signing session at El Corte Inglés Castellana in Madrid, Spain hochzuladen.
21.05 Late night out in Madrid, Spain with Richard

Joey Terrill Set 6


Clevver TV: Ashley Tisdale Promotes 'Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure' In Spain

SFA in Madrid

Zwei Events von SFA in Madrid.

Die ganzen Bilder kommen noch. Sarah wird sie dann posten.

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Hey-Redaktionshund Pepsi-Carola

Ashley war am 19. bei  Hey-Redaktionshund Pepsi-Carola. Hier ist ein Bild davon.

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2 Interviews


Interview mit Cambio


Q&A mit MSN TV

(Auf englisch!)

MSN TV: How excited were you to bring back the character of Sharpay for this movie?

Ashley Tisdale: It was so much fun. It was crazy, and I had mixed emotions because I was super-excited. It was a really great script and a great ending to an amazing character that's given me a lot. Also, at the same time, it was definitely a challenge because I was so used to being around the cast, like Zac [Efron] and Vanessa [Hudgens] and just jumping back into that character who was the one that stirred up all the trouble, and now she's the lead. You have to love her and you have to root for her, but how do you keep her in character? It was definitely challenging but a lot of fun.

MSN TV:Do you enjoy movies that you get to sing in?

Ashley Tisdale: I do. I've done a lot of them so ... (laughs). I love music, though. I feel like every project I've ever done has had music involved in it somehow. Like, "Hellcats" has great music, "High School Musical"... I think it's great. I love it.

MSN TV: Do you enjoy watching musicals yourself? If so, what is your favorite musical?

Ashley Tisdale: Yeah! Growing up I used to watch "Grease." I also grew up near New York City, in New Jersey, so I went to Broadway shows all the time. I grew up on "Les Miserables" and "Phantom of the Opera." I always have been a big fan of musicals.

MSN TV: Have you ever done a musical on Broadway?

Ashley Tisdale: Not on Broadway. I did the national and international tour of "Les Miserables" when I was 8 years old, and I also did the international tour of "Annie" in Korea. So I've done a touch -- a little bit of that, but never on Broadway.

MSN TV: Would you want to if the opportunity came up?

Ashley Tisdale: It just depends. Right now in my life, I never say "no" to anything. Right now I feel like I want to keep doing things that I haven't done. If it is a right role in a couple years, if I'm right for that, I have no idea. Right now I'm focused on doing movies and TV and other things like that.

MSN TV: What other projects do you have going on right now?

Ashley Tisdale: Right now we are in a hiatus for "Hellcats" and we're seeing if it gets picked up for the first season. [The CW announced it was canceling "Hellcats" a few day after this interview]. Depending on that, that would pick up in July. So really, I'm looking for projects that are being able to be done before then, so definitely movies ... and also producing. I have a production company. I have a couple things in development, and we just had a series picked up for Bravo, so that takes up some time, for sure, so it's been kind of crazy.

MSN TV: What message do you want fans to know about this movie?

Ashley Tisdale: I just hope they really enjoy the movie. It's going to be a lot of fun. It's going to be such a great ending. For people who haven't even seen the "High School Musical" franchise, this movie stands on its own. It'll maybe make them laugh and make them cry.

MSN TV: A lot of Disney Channel shows have ended their run recently, like "The Suite Life on Deck," and "Wizards of Waverly Place" taped its last show. What are your thoughts about them ending?

I think nothing ever ends on Disney Channel. They keep playing it (laughs). So the audience has nothing to worry about. There's definitely a change when you come out of Disney Channel. I did this movie for them, and coming off of the TV show a couple years ago, you're so crazy-busy -- they call it Disneyland -- it feels like you're graduating high school, and there's a feeling of what's next? What do we do now? I wish everybody good luck. Especially Selena [Gomez]. She is a really great actress. She has such a good head on her shoulders. She's so sweet. I think she's going to do really well.

MSN TV: Do you keep in touch with all the people you've worked with on Disney Channel?

I do. I saw the Sprouse twins when they were filming "The Suite Life Movie" in Vancouver when I was filming "Hellcats." I took them out to dinner a couple times. I'm with Zac and Vanessa all the time whenever we're in L.A. together. I love keeping a connection with everyone I've worked with.


Interview mit DailyRecord

(Auf englisch!)

EXCLUSIVE: IT'S been her life for five years but Ashley Tisdale is about to graduate from High School Musical. The 25-year-old plays the narcissistic but popular Sharpay Evans.

While other stars Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens said goodbye to the franchise after the third film three years ago, Ashley is back for one last time in a Disney Channel Original Movie.

Called Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure, it will be broadcast on Disney Channel next Friday. And Ashley went naked for a magazine shoot, showing she really is moving on. Chatting to the Razz in London this week, the actress is unapologetic.

"I'm very grateful for what Disney have done for me. It would be different if I was younger but I turn 26 in July. I will be able to look back when I'm a grandma and say 'I did that'.

"It felt the right time to do it. I was healthy as I'd just come off Hellcats where I had to work out all the time. I feel very comfortable in my body."

The naked shoot is certainly not too risky for Disney with only Ashley's back shown and a "believe" tattoo running down her back.

Disney thinks a lot of the young actress, even making her the executive producer of the new movie. It sees the character following her dream of making it on Broadway but finding out it's actually her dog they want.

She said: "I have a production company, Blondie Girl Productions and this is the fourth time I've played the character. I didn't think Disney Toronto to are would give me as much creative input because they are Disney but they were really great and trusted me.

"Some people have a clothing line. I have a production company. At the moment, I have a reality show on Bravo called Miss Advised and I'm developing a sitcom for Disney and something else with Nickelodeon."

She was also the lead of MTV show Hellcats but sadly this week it was cancelled after one series. Ashley won't be licking her wounds for long.

While Zac and Vanessa sometimes seem to struggle to make the move from children's role to grown-up role, Ashley's natural comedy funnybone will see her following in the footsteps of Hollywood laughing girls Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Hudson.

But then she's been in the biz for almost all her life. At three, she acquired a manager and was in 100 American TV ads. At eight, she was Cosette in an American touring production of the musical Les Miserables and by the age of 12 she'd sang at the White House for President Bill Clinton.

To under 10s, she first became a household name in 2005 as sweet counter girl Maddie Fitzpatrick in Disney Channel series The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. She then became even bigger when cast as Sharpay in the first 2006 film High School Musical. The sequel was in 2007 and the following year, High School Musical 3: Senior Year earned her an MTV Movie Award for Breakthrough Performance Female.

In between times, she voiced Blueberry Scout in A Bug's Life and was in Donnie Darko and Aliens in the Attic.

Talking of Sharpay, she said: "The character has brought me so much but I didn't feel she had a fair of ending in HSM 3. She was left behind at the school while everyone else was off to these amazing colleges. This film is the ending she deserves."

Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure was filmed in Toronto in Canada. Ashley revealed it was weird not to have Vanessa and Zac around - especially as they are her best friends in real life.

She said: "I was nervous and waiting for Vanessa or Zac to suddenly appear. But I sent them texts all the time." She brushes off questions about being under pressure to keep the good reputation of HSM going.

She said: "If you thought this, you wouldn't be able to do anything because you'd be too scared of but mucking up."

But she admitted that she was a tad sick of pink - Sharpay's favourite colour.

She laughed: "By the end of the second movie, I wasn't buying any more pink for my wardrobe."

Hellcats Staffel 2

Das sollte alles in Staffel 2 geschehen. (Auf englisch)

Zap2it attended a press junket with the cast and Kevin Murphy, the creator of “Hellcats,” who let us in on a few of his Season 2 plans. At the time, Murphy expressed confidence in a Season 2 pickup, telling reporters that the network and studio were supportive of extending the series.

Now that the show has been axed, here’s a bit of what you would have seen had the series lived on.
The return of the love triangle! The Marti/Dan/Savannah situation wasn’t explored much in the second half of the season, but it certainly wasn’t over.

Murphy confirms that they pulled back from that story with the intention of returning to it in Season 2.
Dan in real life. Now that Dan Patch was accepted to Lancer University, he was set to have some more central storylines next season. “He’s always either been the boyfriend of Savannah or the friend of Marti. I really wanted to be able to give him more points of access to Alice and Lewis and Vanessa and everyone else.”
Which brings us to… Dan as a cheerleader? “We almost got there in the finale, but we had to cut it for length because it was running so long,” says Murphy. “We went as far as we had him in a Hellcats uniform. We never shot it, but we’ll get there.”

More A.J. Michalka. Murphy planned for AJ to recur, “but in my heart, she’s a regular,” he adds. He intended to continue AJ’s character into next season despite the blow up at the end of the episode.
More concept episodes, like the Zombie movie episode. “We want to go back to the genre well,” Murphy says. “We could do aliens, maybe post-apocalyptic cheerleaders, a Western.” “Cheerleaders in the hood,” added series star Robbie Jones.

Returning guest stars. In addition to A.J., Murphy mentioned that he hoped to have Ciara return to the show. When we spoke with the pop star, she was on board for a return.

Directed by Tom Welling. During Season 1, executive producer Tom Welling had to dedicate most of his time to starring in the final season of ”Smallville” — and directing a few episodes. He’s very proud of “Hellcats” and was looking forward to directing episodes of Season 2.


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Hellcats Onlineview

Wenn ihr noch nicht die neue und letzt Hellcatsfolge gesehen habt, könnt ihr euch sie hier anschauen:
Hellcats Onlinview