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Samstag, 30. Juli 2011

Out in Miami

Ashley ist gestern nach Miami gefolgen, um dort Boyfriend Scott Speer zu besuchen, der dort Step Up4 dreht. Ihr Gesicht zierte ein glückliches Läceln und Ashley turg auch das Armband, welches sie von Scott bekommen hat. An dem Armband sieht man zwei Anhänger in denen jeweils ein A (für Ashley) und in dem anderen ein S (für Scott) drin steht. Süß oder?
29.07 Arriving at the airport in Miami
29.07 At the pool in Miami

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Freitag, 29. Juli 2011

Schmuck Shopping

Ashley hat über Twitter bekannt gegeben dass sie zu ihrem Freund Scott nach Miami gehen wird, der dort 'Step up 4' dreht.

28.07 Shopping for jewelry in West Hollywood

Disney Dudes & Divas: Then & Now

Das Weekly American Magazine Billboard hat eine Liste erstellt mit den Disney Stars wo seit Beginn ihrer Karriere immer erwachsener geworden sind. Ashley, die im Business ist seit sie 3 ist, wird mit folgender Message beschrieben:

Ashley machte sich selbt einen Namen mit der Rolle der 'Maddie Fitzpatrick' in 'Hotel Zack&Cody' und 'Sharpay Evans' aus 'High School Musical'. Seit dem hat sie zwei dance-pop Alben bei Warner Bros. 'Headstrong (2007)' und (Guilty Pleasure (2009)' rausgebracht.

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Donnerstag, 28. Juli 2011

Oops! Magazine


Unterwegs mit Mama und Oma

Ashley war gestern mit ihrer Mum Lisa und ihrer Oma in LA unterwegs. Erst ging es in ein Cafe und dann shoppen. Nächste Woche findet in Hollywood die Premiere von Phineas and Ferb der Film statt. Also können wir uns auf tolle Bilder freuen.
27.07 Heading to Jinky's Cafe in LA with her mom Lisa, nice Mikayla and grandma
27.07 Shopping in Beverly Hills with her mom Lisa and grandma

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Ashley's Google Acoount

Ashley hat sich einen Google Acount gemacht. Dies gab sie über Twitter bekannt.

@ashleytisdale: Hey guys I created a google+ account! add me ;) xoxo

@ashleytisdale: This is the link! 

Google Account!

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Montag, 25. Juli 2011

Voices of Phineas and Ferb at Comic-Con 2011


Bravo Polska

Bravo Polska

Comic-Con Interview -- JJJ Exclusive!

22.07 Comic-Con

JJJ: How much fun do you have playing Candace?
Ashley Tisdale: It’s really fun, it’s a whole different world from doing live action things, it’s once you kind of get into that world it’s amazing. I’ve been doing voice over work since I was about 10 years old. I started out on tv shows like All Dogs Go to Heaven, I did stuff for MGM, video stuff and animations. Disney — I did about two pilots that didn’t get picked up, and then this was the third pilot and I’m really lucky just to be a part of this project because you kind of say the same thing about High School Musical, but you don’t know what’s going to hit and what’s not.
This show is so much fun, and the creators are so great Dan Povenmire and Jeff Marsh that it has been a really big blessing. I’ve been doing it for five years and that’s the weirdest part; it has been so long and yet when you’re on screen, you’ll see time has passed because you will be like “oh, I looked younger” or “oh this happened.”

JJJ: Vincent Martella (Phineas) doesn’t really get to see that since his focus is voice work
AT: I still feel like he is 10 years old like the first time we met, because we don’t record together (laughs). So when I see Vincent it’s like “whoa, time has really passed”. It’s kind of crazy, but it’s such an easy job and obviously just from doing this show, Seth MacFarlane had me come in to do The Cleveland Show and Family Guy. Once you are in that world of animation it’s really fun, you get to do these really different type of characters. 

JJJ: Disney has been such a large part of your life. What is it like to have so much of your success coming from that? 
AT: It’s definitely amazing, I’m so fortunate and so appreciative of everything that I have done with Disney and I have to thank the fans. The fans are what make all of these projects what they are. It is really cool. Having High School Musical, you learn so much from doing that movie over the last few years that we did those movies. It was such an amazing bond that the 6 of us had together, I have like friends for life because of it. It’s is just kind of cool to kind of move on and grow and play different characters. 

JJJ: What do you think of all the merchandise that displays your likeness because of your success?
AT: I know! I have a doll that has a pink convertible and a pink golf cart (laughs). And now we have little action figures for Phineas and Ferb, It’s kind of crazy, it’s really cool as well i have my niece she’s only a year and a half. 

JJJ: Does she play with your doll? 
AT: No, no, no, she’s not allowed to play with dolls yet. She watches Phineas and Ferb and really enjoys it! And then she watched Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure and she kind of looks at me and she doesn’t really understand because she’s only a year and a half but you can see that she’s like kind of putting it together. It’s so cool to have something that my niece can watch and stuff, that’s really awesome.

JJJ: Since Hellcats is no more, what are you looking for your next project?
AT: I have just been focusing on movies. I had a lot of fun doing Hellcats, and that was really great for how long we did but now I am just ready to move on and focus on more movies like rom-coms and that kind of thing. 

JJJ: Do you have a dream role in mind?
AT: I don’t know what a dream role is for me, just like a dream movie would be obviously a comedy. I’m really fortunate because I have a production company so I am kind of working on something right now that would be my dream role. I also want to do an edgier character that would show me in a different light.

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Popcorn (Hungarian)

Popcorn (Hungarian)

TV Movie Scans (Hollywood knutscht gerne...)

TV Movie Scans

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Neues Vashley Pic

Ich habe hier grade ein Bild im Internet gefunden. Ashey feierte ja gestern ein kleines BBQ und Vanessa war auch dabei.

Arriving at the gym in West Hollywood

Ashley war gestern im Gym und später am Tag hatte sie dann ein BBQ mit Freundn wie Haylie Duff, Austin Buttler, gutarist Jacoob und viele mehr.
23.07 Arriving at the gym in West Hollywood

@ashleytisdale Ashley Tisdale 
Which one do u think is better hahaha?

@ashleytisdale Ashley Tisdale 
I don't kno why there is a braid off but I have @Austin_Butler and Chris braiding my hair!

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Phineas And Ferb At Comic-Con

Ich habe euch noch ein bisschen Stuff gemacht. xoxo Melanie <3

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22.07 Phineas And Ferb Panel Comic-Con

22.07 Phineas And Ferb Comic-Con Press Conference