Samstag, 28. Juli 2012

Step Up Revolution Pair

Ashley war Gestern zusammen mit Boy Scott Speer in West Hollywood um im Pacific Theater ein weiteres Mal Step Up Revolution zu schauen.

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27.07. At The Grove shopping Center in West Hollywood with Boyfriend Scott Speer

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Freitag, 27. Juli 2012

Margarita Mix Studio Girl

Ashley war am 23. Juli mit Boy Scott Speer im Arclight Theater in Hollywood. Am 24. Juli war sie in den Margarita Mix Studios um weiter Aufnahmen für die TV-Serie Phinas und Ferb zu machen. Am Mittwoch 25. Juli war sie Morgens im Equinox Gym in West Hollywood und am Nachmittag war die bei einem Meeting in Los Angeles. 

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23.07. Leaving The Arclight Theater With Boyfriend Scott Speer In Hollywood 



24.07. Leaving The Margarita Mix Studios in Studio City 



25.07. Arriving At The Equinox Gym In West Hollywood 



25.07. Arriving At A Meeting In Los Angeles 



25.07. Leaving a Meeting in Los Angeles 



Interview with OK! Magazine

Ashley Tisdale: I Like My Curves

Ashley Tisdale can’t get enough of the beach, and loves to rock a bikini while taking in the surf and sand.

How does she get that fabulous figure?

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“I definitely work out a lot,” the High School Musical star, 27, tells me this week at PUMA’s Project Pink launch at Macy’s Herald Square in NYC. "I have a trainer. I don’t like to say that I’m on a certain diet. I just try to eat more protein and veggies because it’s hard for me to keep muscle on, so I have to eat a lot of protein. I try to steer clear from the carbs. I’ll do a gluten-free instead of a white bread, and processed stuff I don’t like to eat.”

She’s not perfect in the diet department, though.

“My one weakness is bread. Everybody I think has a weakness. It’s either sugar or bread, and I just love carbs. I’m not into sweets really — I can have sweets, but I don’t crave that. I totally crave sushi or anything with rice or Italian food. For me, I realized that I think I do have a gluten allergy, because I never feel great after it. [laughs] I just try to stay with the good carbs, obviously.”

For Ashley, being stick-thin is not the goal.

“I just like a body that looks healthy. It’s not too skinny and not too curvy, but it has curves. I like to have curves. I think we’re meant to, so I just do cardio and do toning.”


Dienstag, 24. Juli 2012

Filming The PSA For Puma's Project Pink

Ashley wurde am Montag gesichtet als sie für PUMA's Project Pink die PSA filmte. Gemeinsam mit ihrer Grandama Marilyn, die vor kurzem gegebn Brutkrebst kämpfte, und Manager Bill Perlam und Puppy Maui verbrachte sie eine kleine Pause am Set.

23.07. Filming The PSA For Puma's Project Pink In Los Angeles


23.07. Grabbing Coffee At Starbucks In Los Angeles